WordPress Plugin Tests Confirm Social Signals Beneficial to SEO

Social Explosion, a WordPress plugin developed by the SEO and traffic experts at Network Empire, will become available to the public on March 1, 2014. Beta testers have reported a massive increase in site traffic with their visitors still growing.

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Website administrators who run WordPress as their CMS will soon have access to a WP plugin named Social Explosion from Network Empire which automates social signal building and has been proven highly effective in initial tests. The plugin automates Twitter and Pinterest posts from highly relevant and networked accounts through the Network Empire Social Signal Exchange Network. Slated for release March 1, 2014, at $97 the plugin is currently available to Network Empire subscribers at a reduced cost of $47 until public distribution occurs. Subscription prices for the Social Signal Exchange Network start at $9.95 per month and scale depending on a site’s volume needs.

Through participation in the plugin’s beta program, website administrators have consistently reported traffic growth caused directly by simply using Social Explosion. One of the beta testers described, “I had a blog that was doing 20,000 visits per day. Lost most of my rankings until it was receiving 20 to 30 visitors per day, then part of the site ended up losing indexing with Google. I added WRs1(Social Profiles) with the plugin and Google reindexed the entire site! Visits are up to 300 per day after two weeks and is still climbing.” The effectiveness behind the plugin is that Networkempire.com’sSocial Profile ring theory is comprised of top tier social websites from strong authority profiles on immensely popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ and more.


A number of SEO firms have made claims around the idea that social networking cues have no impact on optimization efforts. However, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller has said quite the opposite, “Generally speaking, the Panda Google…..

Social has long been debated as a source of ranking power and the current testing going on at WP Social Explosion confirms that social is just a nother edge put out there for us to flow positive metrics to our websites.